They were fools on the hill and they could be there still if it wasn’t for their driving urge to take their audience there too. So here are the CT BEATLES, bringing you a preview of attractions that could come your way at a click of your mouse.

Four lads are ready to meet your highest expectations with their energetic and original live show, which has been seen by thousands of enthusiastic Beatles-devotees all over Western Europe. It spans the whole creative era of the Fab Four, from the beginnings in 1962 up until 1970. So since you won’t be able to see the real Mc Coy, here is a worthy substitute and a suitable vehicle to take the Beatles’ musical jewels into the next millennium – eight days a week.

From an early age on, Crispus Longus, the founder of the band, was exposed to Beatles music, first in his grandmothers house and later on with his uncle, who himself was a great Beatles fan. Before he could stand on two feet properly, he could give a perfect rendition of Kansas City, and those, who are familiar with this song, know that it takes a bit of skill to do so.

Here they are: THE CENTURIES TURNERS BEATLES (in German: Die Beatles der Jahrhundertwende)


In 1966
the wee little lad was taken to see the movie HELP,
together with his school mate and later the same year
saw the Beatles playing live in Munich during
their Bravo Blitz Tour.
Although not quite
sure how to comprehend the ecstatic screamadelica
of the (mostly female) audience, he soon realised
that this was a cake he’d like to have a piece of,
albeit not for some time yet.


In 1988
he met Rainer Moers, then head
of the German Beatles Museum in Cologne
this fateful event inspired him to unfold
his own little wings and found a Beatles band. His
aim was to create a worthy vehicle to take his passion
into the next millennium, hence the name Centuries
Turners Beatles
, soon to be shortened to
CT Beatles, which was not only easier to spell and
pronounce but also less unintelligible. If you want
to hit the big time, you have to make concessions.


The band
is up and running and they work intensely for a few
month to put together a 3-hours show.


They debut
on the 17th March, in Oberwesel
on the river Rhine
. This first night out
is a great success and makes them instantaneously
a very hard act to follow. The next concerts are held
in the venue “Schlachthof” in Frankfurt,
followed by a series of “Oldie-Nights” supporting
the Lords, Rattles and Tony Sheridan
to name but a few.

TV and Radio get involved and the boys play a series
of gigs for SAT 1, SWF 3 and HR3.


only a
year into their working relationship, they win the
enormously coveted “Best Beatles Imitation
, a yearly nation-wide competition
held in Ludwigshafen/Germany.


1993 finds
them signed up with the Munich-based record
label Air Records.
Their first record, entitled
“Fab Tracks” (studio recording with
10 Beatles songs and 6 original compositions, 2 of
which are written by Crispus)
comes out later
that year.

As well as playing a great number of live shows, they
continue playing for TV-stations and become finalists
at the prime time show “Nur Mut”,
hosted by Fritz Egner.


On tour
in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
1994 turns out to be a fateful year, three of the
original members leave the band due to personal difficulties
and Crispus is forced to start from scratch. By and
by he finds suitable new members and by the end of
December they are working again.

The new line-up has been working successfully ever

Crispus Longus, Mainz – Paul (bass/vocals)

Ian Millkid, London – John (guitar/vocals)

George Henderson, Mainz – George  (guitar/vocals)

Gary Guess, Mainz – Ringo (drums/vocals).


outfits, new equipment
and the more suitable
role-playing is paying off, each member fully identifies
with their role models and it shows live on stage.

They produce “LIVE 95”,
which they record during “Culture Summer


for blue chip companies such as Mercedes, city festivals,
ball room concerts, and big summer open airs with
the TREMELOES and others. By now
they are better than ever before and document that
on their live CD “LIVE AND KICKING”
(20 tracks), recorded on the 18th February
in Ingelheim, Germany
. Critics acclaim their
professionalism and energy, praise also comes from
Ole Seelenmeyer, head of the German
Rock Music Association.


Band is
enthusiastically received in Holland and Spain.


They are
filmed live and backstage at the Beatles Museum in
Cologne for RTL “Explosive Weekend”,
which is prime-time TV and seen by six million


costumes, new show concept
and as ready as
ever for the new millennium.


and his band will be celebrating their 10th
, and if you want a piece of this
cake, then be there, don’t be square and make your
booking now!


On the
1st of April 2000 the Centuries Turners Beatles
play the Volkshaus in Sömmerda (Thüringen) one week
before Rainer Moers and his German Beatles Museum
move over to Halle. The 150 minutes show is filmed
by a local East German TV Station including interviews
with Crispus Longus and people of the audience during
the break. The concert is a big success.


On the
1st of November 2000 Crispus announces his
The book contains 25 transcriptions of Beatles songs
in Latin including material about his Roman activities
and the band “The Centuries Turners Beatles”.
The Book is available at once.


Bookshop Saarbrücken and Beatles Museum (Halle), led
by Rainer Moers present the expanded edition of Carmina
Scarabaensia (30 Beatles Songs in Latin)


for his worldwide first presentation of a
90 minutes Latin Beatles concert. Praise comes too
, where the book is presented.

2002The CTB play Deutscher Herold
(Bonn) and Magical Mystery Tour (Mallorca).
is published (30 selected Beatlessongs & 10 selected
Rolling-Stonessongs in Latin) .
2004Crispus visits the INTERNATIONAL BEATLES WEEK LIVERPOOL the 12th time since 1990.
The 15th anniversary jubilee tour of The Centuries Turners Beatles. Crispus starts the 5 hour oldie night project “ELVIS MEETS THE CT BEATLES”, which contains the 8 member band “King Creole” and the “Centuries Turners Beatles”. After having disguised himself the studied lead guitar player and trained singer “Elvis” takes over the the part of “George Harrison” during the CT Beatles Show. This might be probably the best line up the CT Beatles ever had !!
Friedberger Allgemeine/Augsburg (Bayern)Am Ende des zweieinhalbstündigen Konzertes kochte die Stimmung vor der Bühne: Klatschen, Tanzen, Mitsingen. Und überall lächelnde Menschen…. Fast wie das Original: Die “Centuries Turners Beatles” singen nicht nur die Lieder der vier Liverpooler, sondern sie sehen ihnen auch noch zum Verwechseln ähnlich. Es ist immer besser geworden.
Amphitheater Senftenberg (Brandenburg)Die “Centuries Turners Beatles” boten den mitreißenden Höhepunkt der Senftenberger Seefestspiele. Die begeisterten Besucher, welche von Anfang an die Band frenetisch bejubelten, wollten diese auch nach dem zweiten Zugabeblock nicht gehen lassen. Wohl jeder im Publikum war davon überzeugt, dass die Band den Eintrittspreis von immerhin 36 Euro wert war.
2007“Centuries Turners Beatles” are highlight at the Nordhäuser Doppelkorn jubilee
2008Great Galashow in Switzerland/Gstaad
200920 years Band Jubilee (1990-2010). Release of historical jubilee CD “Time Trip” The CENTURIES TURNERS. This CD contains a collection of 15 historical compositions of 1993-1994 and two bonus tracks. Radio Clip with Manfred Sexauer.
201020 years CTB
2011Crispus is M.B.M. (Member of Beatles Museum) since 18 years ago!!
2012Release of the book „Crispus’ first Magical History Tour“ (Liverpool and London 1990)
201525th anniversary of the CENTURIES TURNERS BEATLES, the pay of the prolongation fee of the word trademark [3950043.1] till 2025 and lots of jubilee activities during the whole year.