The Behner Genealogy


The origins of the Behner clan descend from a very large farm in Betzdorf/Sieg In the Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany called  “Bannhof”which means “free property”.The owners of the original Bannhof called  themselves  “zum Ban”and possessed a huge floorground containing the whole area on the right side of the river Sieg including the woods of the Molzberg.Pitily the initial Bannhof was diminished by a forced division about  1200 A.D. in Bannhof West and Bannhof East(Hohenbetzdorf). The smaller west part of the Bannhof is documented  for the first time in 1249  and situated on the expand of ground of the Betzdorf colony and the Molzberg mountain slope spanning up from the BEHNERBRUCH(Behnerswamp) across the BEHNERHARDT (Behnerwoodslope) to the monumental awesome BEHNERKOPF (Behnerhead) a tremendous rock granting a gorgeous view overlooking the winding Sieg valley and reminding of a proud free clan of independent farmers. The first Bannhof owner mentioned in a document is represented by the legendary Peter zum Ban born in 1540 A.D. who substituted the original main  central building by a new edifice in 1583. While the heirs of the Bannhof called themselves “zum Ban” the lots of brothers and sisters leaving the paternal property received a juridically differentiated  name change to Bähner or Behner. The Bannhof was transformed in a real Bahnhof (Train station) when being bought by a train company in 1864 to provide train workers´ homes urgently needed at this time. One of the last descendants of the Behner (zum Ban) clan lives near Betzdorf in the former farm Neu-Kalteich founded by the legendarySebastian Behner in 1864. The Behner family at Neu-Kalteich officially renamed  the BEHNERKOPF (Behnerhead)on  the 10th of July 2018 with the permission of Oliver Schneider  the only present heir and owner of the whole Molzberg wood. All American Behner emigrants are greeted and invited to contact me and to join my Behner genealogical  research.Hans Ulrich Behner (Mainz/Germany)


Bannhof West

1000 A.D. the representatives of the “zum Ban” clan  still living on the original expand of ground of the Bannhof (mark 1) are documented as “viri liberi” in the well known charta of Haiger.

1249 First nomination of an already diminished Bannhof (mark 2) after a division sale forced by the lordship of Freusburg.

Peter zum Ban *1540 ( Bannhof) is the first individually registered ancestor of the “zum Ban”, “Bähner” and “Behner” dynasty. Father of

Gerhard zum Ban *1570 (Bannhof) + (Bannhof). He is the father of

Erasmus zum Ban *1590 (Bannhof) + +1657(Bannhof).  The father of

Gerhard Bähner *(Bannhof), married with Katharina in1648.Father of                   

Matthias Wilhelm Bähner * (Freusburg) + Auen (Wissen), married with Anne Maria and he is father of

Roderich Bäner *1686 +1762 married with Judith and Katharina Rödgen and he is the father of

Johannes Peter Bähner  *29.12.1741 (Buchen) +29.10.1807(Dasberg). He was married with  Elisabeth Kölzer  *+2.2.1750(Reifenrath), father of

Johannes Wilhelm Behner * 27.8.1786 (Dasberg) +1828 (Bracht). Married with Maria Elisabeth Quast *22.6.1789 (Bracht) He´s father of

Sebastian Behner  *13.5.1818 (Bracht) + Neu-Kalteich, married with Elisabeth Dornhof *5.3.1825(Bomberg), founder of Neu-Kalteich in 1864.Father of

Wilhelm Behner *10.1. 1856 (Bomberg) + 1923 (Neu-Kalteich)  married with Pauline Jünger*15.12.1857(Alsenthal). He is the father of

Otto Behner *17.11. 1896 (Neu-Kalteich) + 1968 (Neu-Kalteich)     married with Mathilde Kalkert *1904 (Honigsessen) +14.7.1974(Kirchen). Father of

Helmut Behner *22.2.1929 (Neu-Kalteich) + 1984 (Neu-Kalteich) Married with Martha Stodal *29.12.1932(Widschin/Egerland)+ 28.4.2014 (Siegen).He is brother of Anita(1), Wendelin (2), Hermann(3) and Beate(4). Chidren of 1 (Anne), of 2 (Thomas and Karin), of 3 (Robert and Peter), of 4(Oliver and Ina). Helmut is the father of

Hans Ulrich Behner (Mainz),Sigrid Behner (Neu-Kalteich) and Astrid.

Kevin  Behner (Neu-Kalteich) , son of Sigrid is married with Nathalie Behner.